Choosing Tachnician The Right Way

When it comes to choosing an individual to fix any kind of electrical problem, most individuals are sceptical as to how they actually choose the individual they are looking for.

Whether it is to repair a radio that does not seem to work anymore. Technicians make sure that the wiring for lighting in a house is done as required one will generally not pick someone off the street to handle these issues. And so, when it comes down to making sure that you are indeed on the right path when it comes to selecting the individual you are looking for, here are a few guidelines to get you started.

Ask around

The first step you should do if you do not have an individual that usually handles your work will be to ask around. Getting recommendations from family and friends can help you to narrow down and choose the best, from the most reliable choices.

For instance, having a family member or a friend recommend a guy for computer repairs in Ringwood will typically mean that they were pleased with his service and the repair he or she had done on their equipment was worth the money they spent.

Meet with the individual

Immaterial of how highly recommended the individual comes, it is important that you meet them before you actually hire them. At this stage you will need to notice just how methodical he or she is in their work and if you need to be updated during the repair, now will be a good time to keep an eye on just how eager he or she is when answering all of your questions and concerns in regards to the repair.

Explain the problem

At this point you will need to make sure that you have explained the problem clearly and that he or she is aware of all the issues that you are having with the said piece of equipment. You will also need to make sure that they fully understand what is required of them in terms of the repair as well as the feedback that they will have to update you with.

Get a quotation

And finally; get a quotation. Receiving a quotation from everyone that you have spoken to will help you to short list even further and therefore help you to decide on which individual is not only able to fix the equipment but also stay within the budget allocation.

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How To Deal With A Virus Attack On Your Laptop

If you are not a computer person, like many others out there, having to deal with computers, laptops, mobile phones and tablets on a daily basis can be daunting. Even more daunting is having to deal with a problem related to a computer break down when you do not know what is happening to your computer. A virus outbreak in a computer is one of the most common problems associated with computers and it is not as difficult to deal with as you might think.

Keep calm and isolate your computer

If your computer or lap top has been attacked by a virus, one of the first thing you need to do is to immediately disconnect it from the internet and isolate it completely from other computers by taking of any network cable and internet cables. This process is in fact similar to isolating and quarantining a sick human or animal. The next thing you need to do is contact a mobile computer repair guy or company to come over to your house and clean your computer by doing a scan on it and then destroying the virus. 

To destroy a virus that was strong enough to break through your existing virus guard, you will need to download a specialized software that was specially created to destroy this particular virus. The IT support man in Perth will be able to identify exactly what the virus was by looking at your scan history on your existing virus guard.

Although the whole process of destroying a virus, cleaning your computer and reinstalling windows if need be is not as complicated as it sounds, for the person who is not familiar with computers it can sound a little stressful and daunting, However, in the unfortunate case that you could not get hold of a repair guys, you will need to take matters in to your own hands. You have now disconnected your computer from the internet and you will need to start your computer on what is known as “safe mode” if your windows system seems to be malfunctioning. After you have done this, you will need to run a full anti-virus scan on your lap top or computer. When you are running the anti-virus scan, you will see the list of documents that are infected with the virus, you will need to delete all these documents and then open up the source (like the USB or hard disk) and delete any suspicious looking files immediately.