Technological Advances In Healthcare

Healthcare can be defined as the system deployed to monitor and regulate health of a demographic, individual or a vast population or community. With the progress made in electronics and technology by leaps and bounds, healthcare too is expected to benefit and evolve from this technological advancement. In healthcare technology plays an important role. First, it was limited to surgical and diagnostic machines and tools but now it has evolved to all the processes involved in healthcare including registration of patients, compiling their information including past history and hospitalization records, monitoring the data of patients or communities including their lab tests as well advances have been made in development of self care tools too.

With the development and ever evolving technology of tablets and smartphones the conventional methods of monitoring and keeping records of patients has been replaced by technologies that can even give a detailed consultation of the patient and that too in the privacy of their own homes. Thus advances made in healthcare technology have bought the system out from the walls of the hospital and into the easily accessible and integrating devices which can be operated with ease too. Such a system or technological advancement is termed as healthcare software system.

Software of healthcare can technically be defined as a management tool that keeps records and can be used by clinics, hospitals and doctor’s alike. The advantages of such software are that it reduces paperwork and retrieval of data and information and also makes the process of billing more efficient and transparent. There are various types of healthcare software that perform specific tasks. For example some software only keeps record of medical data of patients including the date of their visit, reason or nature of their visit and all the procedures or tests performed on them during the visits. Other type of software can link lab tests and records with the patient data, including integration of multimedia files and other such software can link the billing data with the medical data thus helping to streamline the process of coding document for the billing. Such software also has the advantage of being customized as per the needs and requirements of the doctor, clinic or hospital.

Other benefits of using software specifically designed for healthcare industry is that it helps doctors make a diagnose faster as they can retrieve and view a patients complete record and medical data at a click and take a decision faster thus speeding recovery. Compared to the earlier method of going through numerous files and previous records of a patient to view their history and then take a decision, this process is definitely faster and efficient. Thus medical professionals benefit by making fewer mistakes too and ensuring right and timely treatment to patients.